Children Ministry

“To become a generation who worship in spirit and truth, serve as a witness to family and friends and to grow spiritually”

The BM children cell started in 1982 with only 10 children, and thereafter in 1986 the ministry expanded to Mile 14, Sepilok with 25 children. In 1988 the ministry again expand to Mile 2 ½ and attended by 15 children. Whereas in St. Michael Church, the children attendance is 30. Then the ministry was change to ‘Talmidim Kecil’ in 2009-2011. The ministry then has led to an opening of a new ministry which is cell group by visiting church members house according to their area. ‘Talmidim Kecil’ also having their ministry on Sunday. The ministry was started because of the need to reach children which whom cannot attend Saturday fellowship. Finally, in 2012, ‘Talmidim Kecil’ was changed to BM Children Cell by combining all the cell group into one cell, and the ministry time was change to every Saturday at 2pm. A total of 80 children attend this cell to date.

The ministry aim to teach children by helping them to develop a godly character, to expose them to the bible teaching, helping them to pray and to become the followers of Christ.


  • Worshipping the Lord together.
  • Learning how to serve the Lord with their gifts
  • Learn to pray
  • Meditate on the word of God

Saturday 2:00pm-4:00pm (BM Zone)

Sunday 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Eng/Chi Zone)

Contact: Ev. Waty Gumi (BM Zone)/ Chen Sek Vui (Eng/Chi Zone)