St. Michael’s Church Hostel

The Hostel provides quality education for students from remote Kadazandusun villages in the interior of Sabah staying at St. Michael’s Hostel in Sandakan, Sabah. It is aim to prepare young people to serve the church, community and country, as committed Christians; following a programme that emphasizes their mental, physical, social and spiritual development. They learn to maximise their leadership potential and acquire the necessary skills to improve life in their villages.

There are currently 15 girls staying at the St. Michael’s Hostel. All come from families of very poor background. The girls, all students at St. Michael’s Secondary School, participate in an education programme that includes academic studies, extra-curricular, activities, sports and games. They are members of the English Church Choir and they participate in other activities in the church, such as Dance and Youth Ministry.

The St. Michael’s Hostel is managed by Board of Management with the Rector of St. Michael’s Church as Chairman. The budget for maintaining and educating each student in under RM3000 per annum. As this hostel is entirely funded by the church and Sandakan Memorial Scholarship Trust (SMST), we welcome contribution from the public, through SMST.

Contact: Miss Shirley Shim